Upcoming Event

September, 5th

FREE 'Magners Cider' Glass

Come in on Friday September 5th from 7PM and order a bottle of Ireland's original 'Magners' Hard Apple or Pear Cider and get a collectible logo glass for FREE! (while stocks last)

Upcoming Event

September, 13th

'Fuller's' Promo

Beginning Saturday September 13th from 7PM, join us for a special 'Fuller's' Promo Weekend. On the Saturday we will be giving away collectible Fuller's logo glasses with the purchase of a pint of either...

Upcoming Event

September, 14th

Music Trivia Night

Put your knowledge of popular music to the test at our 'Music Trivia Night' on Sunday, September 14th from 7.00pm until 9.00pm. Hosted as always by 'Dave The Rave'. It's great fun and always a friendly...

Upcoming Event

September, 28th

General Knowledge Quiz Night

Join us for our monthly General Knowledge Quiz Night on Sunday, September 28th. The Quiz runs from 7.00pm until 9.00pm, Hosted for the past 15 years by Quiz Mistress 'Ruth'. Teams can consist of 1-6 participants....

Barclays Premier League

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's association...


Grand Prix

on September, 7th starting at: 10:00 AM


Grand Prix

on September, 21st starting at: 10:00 AM

Quiz Night


The Shakespeare Pub & Grille

The Shakespeare Pub & Grille was established in 1990 with the atmosphere of a local British pub that was easy to find with a good selection of beer & quality food at a reasonable price. We hope we can have the opportunity to show you why the Shakespeare Pub & Grille is San Diego's Original British Pub!