In recognition of San Diego Restaurant Week, we will be offering a traditional three-course dinner of our British Fare for your enjoyment, priced at $19.95 per person.

 STARTER: Your choice of either one of our homemade soups or a mixed baby green salad with your choice of dressing.

DINNER: Your choice of one of the following:

FISH & CHIPS - Our 'Signature Dish', a generous fillet of Cod surrounded in beer batter (available grilled upon request) served with our 'proper' chips and peas.

TRADITIONAL CURRY - Your choice of tender diced beef or chunks of white chicken breast accompanied with garden fresh vegetables. Served with rice, chips or a bit o'both. (Also available vegetarian).

CHICKEN POT PIE - Tender chunks of chicken breast and garden fresh vegetables simmered in our delicious homemade white wine sauce topped off with puff pastry. Served with your choice of 'proper' chips, french fries or mashed potatoes and peas.

SHEPHERDS PIE - A combination of lean marinated ground beef in our secret recipe sauce topped off with a roof of mashed potatoes and grilled cheddar cheese, served with 'proper' chips and peas. (Also available as a vegetarian option). 

DESSERT: Your choice of homemade apple crumble or bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream or custard.